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Social media for small business

If you’re running out of ideas for social media posts for your small business, you’ve come to the right place.

I can help you build a social media presence that will drive engagement, website traffic, and sales — and right now I have room in my schedule to take on 2-3 new clients.

Ideas that sell

Looks great - ordering tonight

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You don’t have time for endless meetings and follow-up calls. And you’re not interested in social media activity that doesn’t drive sales for your business.

You need a social media manager who can generate ideas independently — ideas that sell.

Hire an expert

When I’m not managing social media, I’m writing about it. You’ll find my byline on high-profile marketing websites like Constant Contact and Composely — and I ghostwrite for many others. These companies hire me to write marketing content for them because they trust my digital marketing expertise.

Here’s how it works

We’ll start with a quick consultation so I can learn about your business. We’ll run through a short list of questions that will help me generate a collection of marketing ideas for you right off the bat.

I’ll draw inspiration from your website, blog, advertising, previous social posts, and external sources to create posts that reflect you and your business. I’ll create a schedule, research hashtags, and keep your social media stream flowing.

All you have to do is review a batch of ideas once a month and give your approval or feedback. I’ll keep adapting based on your feedback and results.

A full range of posts

Besides original images created by my team of professional designers, I can also share:

  • News stories related to your business
  • Videos your audience might enjoy
  • Content from your blog and website
  • Conversation-starters to build engagement
  • Original polls and surveys
  • Your promotions
  • Events & holidays
  • Humor

This client had a strong customer base but didn’t have time to post regular updates to their social media. When I took over the account and started posting on a regular schedule at peak times, their stats went through the roof instantly.

These are the results from the first month I took over their account, in March of 2020.

Facebook Results

  • 163% increase in views
  • 48% more engagement
  • 229% increase in likes

Instagram Results

  • 1403% more impressions
  • 546% increase in profile views
  • 1334% increase in reach

Transparent pricing

You’re in control. Create your own package, with only the services you need, and see what your pricing would be.

If, after your free consultation, you decide to go forward you’ll be billed a $300 initial setup fee. Then you’ll be charged the above amount each month for as long as the scope of work remains the same.
(this is the cost for me to build the ads and create the target audience. You would set a separate budget to pay for the ads themselves, starting at $50/month)
(this is the cost for me to build the ads and create the target audience. You would set a separate budget to pay for the ads themselves, starting at $50/month)

The above price includes:

  • Generating ideas for marketing-oriented posts
  • Original graphics every month (yours to keep)
  • Hashtag research
  • Post scheduling for peak times
  • Monthly reporting

Don’t have time to chat?

Fill out this needs assessment form and I’ll get back to you by e-mail with my ideas for your social media marketing.