Social Media

My social media approach is simple — I want to understand your brand so I can speak in your “voice” and use social media to enhance your image, keep your customers engaged, and bring in new business.

Facebook is my specialty, but I can also create Instagram and Twitter posts for you.

The process

Step 1: We’ll discuss the brand image you’re trying to create (how formal is your brand? Is it friendly, elegant, edgy?) and I’ll ask you to send me your logo, product photos, and any fonts or colors you already know you prefer.

Step 2: I’ll create a couple of graphics and posts and get your feedback on them so I can tweak the style to suit you.

Step 3: I’ll create a library of graphics, posts, and animations for you and you will approve them.

Step 4: I’ll set up a schedule for your posts on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram

Step 5: I’ll create as many new posts each month as your budget allows, including:

  • Conversation starters to boost engagement with your audience
  • News and events
  • “Like and share” posts to boost your following
  • New graphics to keep the rotation fresh

A few examples:

How much will it cost?

I can work with almost any budget. My rate is $60/hour.

If you’re on a tight budget, I can keep your social media rolling with as little as one hour per week. At that pace, you’ll see significant repetition — but since very few of your followers are seeing every post, you’ll probably be the only one who notices.

I recommend 2 hours a week, which means you’ll see less repetition in your social media posts and I can do more engagement and sales-boosting work for you.

The initial work to create your library takes an average of 8-12 hours ($480-720). If you’re able to communicate your brand and expectations very clearly, we’ll have fewer revisions and it will take less time. Animations take the longest, so if you want to control costs, let me know and I’ll create fewer animations. We can also spread the content creation out over time if necessary.

All the graphics and animations that I create for you are yours to keep, even after I stop managing your posts for you.