Public Speaking

Photo on 10-29-14 at 1.09 PMWant to hear me talk?

If you have a group or venue that would be interested in something I have to say, please get in touch — even if you don’t think you can afford a speaker.

I have a long history of teaching and performance, so I’m quite comfortable with audiences, but I’m new to public speaking. That means I’m eager to work within your budget so I can have a chance to practice my skills and refine my presentation.

I’ll be in the U.S. from March, 2016 until at least the end of the year. The topics I’m most suited to speaking about include:

  1. How to Live Your Dreams (Even if you don’t know what they are)
  2. Yes, You Can Afford To Travel Overseas!
  3. Be The Change: How to raise funds, help others, and bring a new dimension of meaning to your life.
  4. How to Be A Nomad: The nuts & bolts of this unique lifestyle.

But if you have some other topic in mind, let me know. Drop me a note and let’s talk.