Helping Along The Way

This page is here mostly for the sake of inspiring other travelers. Fundraising isn’t something I do professionally, but when I see a need and a possible solution, I try to help.

I’ve learned that most people really appreciate an opportunity to help others, if it’s through someone they trust. $20 isn’t a big sacrifice for most people back home, but it can feed four children in a refugee camp for a month, or can make a huge difference to a family in Peru or Cambodia.  Here’s my fundraising history; I hope it inspires other travelers to do similar work.

Coats and shoes for the kids

With Soledad, then age 5, at Ninos Del Sol in Peru.

September 2013 I launched a Fundrazr campaign with a goal of raising $2200 to take all the kids from a Peruvian children’s home shopping for new coats and shoes. Lots of generous souls were eager to help out and we raised $2270. I spent the weekend with the kids and took them all shopping.

Me, save an orphanage…are you kidding?

May 2014 Just as I was falling in love with all 26 kids at Niños Del Sol, their sole source of funding announced his plans to withdraw ALL their funds by October. The directors asked me to help. I was a little overwhelmed, but they had no one else, so I agreed. I built a website for them, found a volunteer who traveled to Peru and made a film, and launched a fundraising campaign that is still in place. We were able to raise more than $35,000 that first year. The website, and the orphanage, are still going strong and I still work with them in an advisory capacity.

A Global Fundraiser for Syrian Refugees


September 2015 I’ve dreamed of joining bellydancers around the world in a global fundraiser to benefit women in war-torn Middle Eastern countries for years, but as the Syrian refugee crisis was coming to a head, I couldn’t put it off any longer.  Local organizers stepped up in more than 30 cities around the world, and we raised over $17,000. Hafla for Humanity will be an annual event from now on. If you are connected to a large community of hobbyists, etc. this is an excellent way to raise funds for projects.

Let’s Help This Cambodian Family

DSC00685 (1)
Dec 2015: I set up a GoFundMe to raise $500, with the intention of building a toilet and buying a few necessities for a family in the countryside of Cambodia who had just lost their breadwinning son in a traffic accident. Within hours of opening the GoFundMe, people had had donated over $900! 
After consulting with some local people and some staff I trust at a nearby NGO, I decided to spend the extra money on water tanks for ten local families, so they can store water during the dry season.
I got to spend Christmas Day delivering all the goodies and enjoying a party with the families.

Travelers <3 Cambodia


Feb 2016: This is my current project. I’m still working out the details. I’ve chosen a fantastic NGO to work with and I’ll be sorting out the details  in January. But if you love Cambodia and want to help, please drop me a note and I’ll keep you posted!